Chromium 64+ must be installed

(Paul Roberts) #1

Following the instructions here; “Installing Software to Run Looker Labs Features” I have installed both PhantomJS and Chromium.

However when I goto the Labs section to enable the Enhanced Rendering feature I get the following message.

In the terminal when I check the installed version “chromium --version” I get the following “Chromium 69.0.3497.81 Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04”

Any help would be appreciated.




Are you behind load balancing? We had same problem when we had to update all nodes to the same Chromium version, and restart Looker after that.

(Paul Roberts) #3

Edgars, thank you for your response.

We are not in a load balanced environment in this instance. However it is good to know as our production environment is LB.

It turns out, we are using Ubuntu,
Ubuntu may need to either alias chromium-browser as chromium or export the environment variable. To alias chromium-browser as chromium , place the following in the ~/.bashrc file:

alias chromium='chromium-browser'


this alias is not visible to the looker user.

(Paul Roberts) #4

Just in case there is anyone else who is having a similar issue, This is an Ubuntu installation, the instructions state, " Ubuntu may need to either alias chromium-browser" but because this is an alias and the system has installed chromium-browser, the installation path is not know by Looker.

Therefore after some time talking to support they sorted this out for me by supplying me with this line that is executed in the terminal window of the Looker Ubuntu installation.

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/chromium-browser /usr/bin/chromium

This sorted the issue. If any representative of Looker needs to correct any part of this please feel free.

(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #5

Hi @PaulRoberts,

It’s great to hear that the issue has been resolved. We are talking to our Doc’s team to try to include this step into our Chromium setup documentation. The fact that there are so many different OS and versions makes it hard to list all steps for all of it, but wi will be taking this onboard. Thanks for pointing this to us and your patience to get it sorted.


(Izzy) #6

We’ve updated our official docs here to include the relevant command! Thanks for pointing that out @PaulRoberts!

(Y Duan) #7

Is there instruction for installing chromium for looker 6.0.27 on Redhat linux 7?

(Peggy Beard) #8

Hey @Y_Duan! I found instructions here:

(Y Duan) #9

Yes, @Peggy_Beard , saw that too. Here is the command I used to install chrommium:

sudo yum localinstall

(Peggy Beard) #10

@Y_Duan Seems that you are likely running into an error on that install? If it’s easier, you could install Chrome instead, and if you do that, Looker will look for the chromium executable in /usr/bin/chromium , so we’ll need to create a symbolic link from there to Chrome. This can be done by running

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/google-chrome-stable /usr/bin/chromium

If you run into any more issues, please reach out to us at with the specifics!