Change Look Title in Dashboard


(Scott Loescher) #1

When adding a look to a dashboard, most often the look will display the ‘title’ of the Look above the visualization. Is it posisble to change or omit the language that is displayed on the dashboard without changing the title of the Look? Oftentimes we’ll want a more descriptive Look title for internal users but a more brief title for external users (EG ‘XX Dashboard - YY Report’ displayed as ‘YY Report’)

Thanks in advance!

(Carl Saffron) #2

Hi Scott – It is not currently possible to change the dashboard tile title without changing the title of the Look. I’ve let our product team know that this is something you’d like to see.

(Rachel Stewart) #3

Is this available now? It’s something we’re interested in. We have lots of Looks to keep track of internally, but on each dashboard we want a more generic name.

(Izzy) #4

This isn’t available yet, but the standard workaround of turning off “Show Title” on the tile and adding a text tile that shows your customized name works well.