"Can't Stack with Multiple Series Type" limitation


has there been any consideration to removing the limitation of showing stacked graph, with one or more series using a customized series type? Or is there a workaround?

I have a chart showing unique users in each of several categories (stacked) per month. I’d really like to put the overall total unique users (which is lower than the sum of users in each category because users can be in multiple categories) as a line. The data table calculates this correctly, but if you try to set up the visualization, you first get both the “can’t use column with Time Axis and multiple series” limitation (which is easy to work-around) but then I hit the “Can’t Stack with Multiple Series Type” limitation.


(Xian Lim) #2

I have been trying to do this too but can’t seem to be able to. Hope Looker will be able to either provide us a workaround or a feature to allow this type of visualisation.

(jessica) #3

Thanks for the feedback @Xian_Lim and @JonS – I’ve brought this feedback to our product team.

(Oli) #4

We could really do with this functionality as well. being able to select which metrics to stack and plot other metrics on separate axis would help enormously.

(Krste Andrioski) #5

Is there any update for this? We also need this functionality badly.

(Peggy Beard) #6

Hi Krste! I don’t have a specific date for this, and my recommendation is to keep an eye on our monthly release notes for updates!

(Matthew Chatham) #7

I also need this functionality please!