Can we have multiple viz running the same query for a single time in the dashboard?



For example I want to show a scatter plot and a data table side by side in a dashboard. Is there a way I can have the query only run once instead of creating two looks and the same query running twice?

(Izzy) #2

There’s an article on how to do this: Shared Filters on Single Value Charts Performance Technique, which I believe should be working, but it looks like others (@menashe and @Alex_Hancock?) have had some difficulty with it working 100%— Let me know if that looks like it’s working or if it’s something to pick back up and investigate.


Correct me if I’m wrong - If different looks in a dashboard are running the same exact SQL statement, Looker would have the database ran this SQL only once?
it seems like the case as I was testing it.

Tiles triggering same SQL several times
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That’s right, @izzy. @Alex_Hancock’s reply at Reusing SQL results has more details.

(Izzy) #5

I just gave this a shot and it seemed to work, moving the discussion over to Reusing SQL results