Can we create scheduled reports based on user_id?


I am struggling with an issue that we have with some of our scheduled reports.

Some background info:
In our portal we allow users to associate their email with more than one account.
We embed our looker dashboards in our portal and use the API to schedule the reports (using our own scheduler UI).

What is happening is that we see the dashboards with the correct information in our portal but when we receive a scheduled email of the report it has a different accounts information. It is information from an account with the same email address though. After looking into it, it looks like the data for the first account created in Looker with that email address is always being returned for the schedule reports.

Can we schedule reports using the user’s user_ID instead of their email address or does looker require all email addresses associated with an account to be unique? Is there a way to work around this?

This is a super interesting situation Anne-Marie. I assume you’re leveraging the “Run as recipient” option, correct? That is entirely contingent on email addresses I believe. You cannot schedule as recipient using a user_id. We’ll check into that and see if there’s something we want to fix there.

In the meantime, since you’re already using a wholly API based approach, I wonder if you could do something like log in as each user and schedule the report as themselves, not invoking run as recipient. That would be a clunkier workflow though.

I’ll come back with more info on that functionality.