Can a user annotate the given chart in looker?

(Vishwajeet Singh) #1

I see some of our in-house bi/visualization tool built with PHP has a functionality that enables a user to annotate charts, for example, if there is a uptick or drop from a certain threshold, the user can annotate as they find/comment on it. How do we achieve it in looker?

(Nicholas Wong) #2

I don’t think there’s this feature but you can go around and do this! One article written by Looker staff, Zachary Michel, wrote a very detailed post regarding “Displaying values from other fields in the tooltip”. Check it out at Displaying values from other fields in the tooltip.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

If you want to write a side comment, you can do so in the dashboard.

(Vishwajeet Singh) #3

What are the technical hurdles (impractical or so) in achieving it in the current or future release? If you could reflect a bit more.