C# sdk?

Do anyone have a working Looker class library for C#. Past experience trying to create them from a Swagger file is generally error prone.

We have been able to successfully create a client library using AutoRest and the swagger file. There have been a bunch of changes needed on the swagger side however which makes it a bit of a pain to keep up to date, but we generally reserve using the api only for basic functionality.

The main differences are usually due to responses not being fully fleshed-out in the swagger. Lots of schemas are just specified as string type, which does not play well when actually an array or other object is returned. Here’s a single example of many updates that we’ve had to do:

And the command we use to generate the client:

npm install -g autorest
autorest --input-file=swagger.json --csharp --output-folder=generated --namespace=LookerApi --add-credentials --override-client-name=LookerClient --clear-output-folder

Any interest in sharing your modified class files on this board. I will offer to upload any updates I may make if there are additional modifications I make for functions you may not have used/needed.

(Why Looker can’t provide a working SDK for all the common languages is beyond me…)