Building a data dictionary in Python

(Conor) #1


I am trying to create a data dictionary using the Looker API, but I am having a difficult time understanding some key points in the available documentation.

I am able to connect to the API and call functions, observe results, etc., so I do not need help setting any of that up.

Does anyone have experience building a data dictionary in python similar to the dictionary outlined here?

I am confused as to how exactly you use a javascript plugin and where the data dictionary would live. The existing examples are in Ruby which I am unfamiliar with. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!


(Izzy) #2

Hey Conor, there’s a bit of discussion about that going on here:

It looks like somebody is wondering the same thing re: the javascript plugin. From what I know, I think the data dictionary would live in a separate web page you’d host yourself, and within that webpage you’d use a javascript plugin to generate the data table. There’s a bunch of examples on the website here: