Bar chart visualization

Right now, I have two groups of data, each group has 5 different measures. I want to compare them based on measurement, but looker only provide comparison by two groups. Say, I have yes and no group, each group has 1/2/3/4/5 type of measurement. I want to compare A1 with B1, but looker only give me A12345 and B12345. How can I change that?

Hi @Tianxing_Wang, are you able to specify the specific problem you are trying to solve, or maybe provide a screenshot at all to provide a little more clarity on this?

so by looking at the figures, right now, there are divided into two groups, bad and good, however, I want to compare the first bar of “good” group with the first bar of “bad” group, same for the rest.

Ah OK, so your is data pivoted? if you swap around the score and the avgtimediff1day etc. so the opposite dimension is pivoted in your data table i think that should solve the problem.

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