Automatically adding new users to groups

Hello there!

I’m looking into automatically adding new users into groups that have pre-determined roles.

We use Google authentication, so ideally there should be an identifier in the user info from Google that can be distinguished when that user gets added. That way they can be distinguished and added to different groups.

I was wondering if someone had already set this up and cared to share the knowledge of how to do it?


I am by no means an expert on this subject, but with standard SAML auth you can do “Group to Role Pairing”

I don’t believe we have that option for Oauth via google— If we did, I’d expect it to be listed in the docs here:

Hi Izzy! Thanks for the reply,

There seems to be no option with google authentication (and we activated that quite recently). The information that gets fed into looker doesn’t include anything that could be used as an identifier of which team they are in.

I was just wondering if anyone out there came up with a solution using Google authentication that doesn’t require someone to manually add people to their corresponding team.