Arabic doesn't render in PDFs


(James McMurray) #1

Arabic does not render in PDFs, it appears to be a font issue. it works correctly in the web browser.

Web working:

PDF broken:

(Izzy) #2

James, I think this is due to the fact that when you render something in your browser it can pull from all the fonts you’ve got on your computer — When you do a PDF, it renders on the looker machine, which might not have an Arabic font installed.

If you’re self-hosted, we have customers that have had success using the “Amiri” font for arabic rendering. You want the zip that doesn’t say it’s for “Web Fonts”.

Copy over those .ttf files to your Looker instance to /usr/local/share/fonts and our renderer should pick it up. If you’re hosted by Looker, reach out to your success team and they can get you similarly hooked up.

(James McMurray) #3

Thanks, we’re hosted with Looker so I’ll contact them tomorrow.