Anyone used table calculations to visualize error bars yet?


(Ilse Ackerman) #1

Has anyone used the new table calculations to graph error bars or confidence intervals on charts yet?

(Colin) #2

Hi Ilse,

It depends on what you mean by error bars and confidence intervals. I have done a little bit with regressions and error bars:

That said, if you are looking for dot and whisker plots, our graphing engine doesn’t quite support that yet, so visually you may have some challenges, but feel free to add some detail on what you are looking for an I’ll see if I can help.


(Rex Gibson) #3

I’m interested in a box and whisker solution.
Colin can you elaborate a little on your screen cap?

(Colin) #4


For that example just coded up regression in a calculated column along with confidence intervals for intercept and slopes and then made high/low regression estimates (not all the hidden series in the vis). Admittedly not perfect.

Definitely nowhere close to box and whisker. That is a pretty difficult plot even in Excel, probably would require custom vis.


(Aaron Binns) #5

I hacked it by computing the error bar min/max values in Calculations, then added them to the chart as a scatter type. So, I have a bar chart where the column is (say) the mean value, then two dots, one above and one below, the column indicating one standard deviation away from the mean. I’d u/l a screenshot, but since I’m a new user, I am prohibited by discourse.


Composition / distribution / box and whisker charts would definitely be appreciated.

(David ) #7

+1 to Ross’ comment above. It would help greatly to be able to visualize how spread out data distributions are.

Currently, a challenge I face in my org is encouraging folks to consider cases represented beyond just the measures of central tendency (Avg & median). This habit I see forming is due to the fact that Looker makes averages and medians very easy to compute and display as metrics and in plots.

Would be great to visualize quantiles if not with a boxplot, then via a histogram or something.


(Nicolas Soldi) #8

+1 on boxplots and error bars – I do think this type of chart comes in handy in a variety of situations. I’m already having to spend extra time analyzing wild variations in data which could be answered by error bars.

(Satish Amarapalli) #9

Hi Colin,

We are looking for the Whiskerplot chart in our dashboard, is there any source that we develop this chart in looker with latest version.

If not available in looker, is there any other work around approach that we can integrate with looker ?

Really helpful to us if you provide information on these .


(Aleksandrs Vedernikovs) #10

Hey @samarapalli ,

Whiskerplot is not currently available in looker. But you can work around this using table calculations to manually calculate confidence intervals for intercept and slopes, as well as define outliers(errors) in your data. We have this:

written by @Levi_Davis which might be of the interest to you.


+1 would like a whisker plot chart option to show confidence in visualisations.

(Chase Carpenter) #12

Would also greatly appreciate error-bar functionality. The infrastructure from plotly may be a good resource:

(jeffrey.martinez) #13

@chasec this pretty sweet. I’ll pass this reference on to our team, thanks!

(Jane Kelly) #14

Hey! Any update on error bars support?

(srinija.godavarthi) #15

Hi @Jane_Kelly there are currently no updates but this is on our radar! Make sure to keep in contact and in the know by reading the release notes.

(James McMurray) #16

Has anyone done this with custom visualisations?