Any Tips For Business User Training?

(Nicholas Wong) #1

Hey Looker Community!

Having our Business User Training tomorrow! I just prepared the deck for the training tomorrow. Is there any advice on which useful applications I should add to my deck? For example LookML tips or…?


(Ben Silverstein) #2

Good luck, Nicholas! I’ll be doing ours within the next two weeks so would love to hear how it goes.


(Nicholas Wong) #3

That’s great to hear! Have you edited your deck yet? I think it’s pretty essential to do this because this will make your session worthwhile for your users - so they know where to navigate to find the information they need.

I think one takeaway from my business user training is we should create a clear dimension and measures label (so every employee understand what it means). This also means we, as Looker developer for your company, should document the labels so business users know what they can pull (because it gets complicated when there are more data available).

Overall, I think this session have been very helpful. :slight_smile:

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