Annotations on visualizations

+1 for this feature please

+1 from us also!

+1 for this feature as well :grinning:

+1 for this feature

+1 for this feature. Needed for any product KPI tracking. Please add

+1 from me, too. This would be very helpful to show where users might expect a change in trend or the like.

Moved this over to Feature Requests for better tracking

+1 on this, this is really helpful to highlight and add notes to analysis

+1 from my colleagues.
This has been requested by my exploring colleagues, but I had to disappoint them for now.

For now we are considering working with a dirty solution where we save all annotations linked to a date (since they would be linked to a date anyway), in a separate table.
I will make a hidden explore based on this table and show the content in a dashboard alongside the relevant graphs.

+1 Excellent feature!
In so much situations, the business analysts want give additional details about some graph spike, or highlight a special, like marketing actions.

+1000. Such a key feature for a reporting platform. Must have. Begging.

+1 on this please.

Some of the table calculation workarounds are nice, but become cluttered when pivoting on multiple dimensions (creates multiple legend entries, one for each dimension).

+1 on this pleaseeeeeee

+1 pleaseeee

+1 long overdue feature

+1 This would be really helpful.

This one’s getting a lot of action and has been for a looong time. I’m going to reach out to the product team and see if I can raise it up for development given the clear customer demand for it. More to come once I’ve touched base!

+1 on this feature request. Related topic here: Displaying annotations in time-series visualizations

+1, table calculation workaround can cover some scenarios but not all :frowning:

In case anyone’s still in need of this functionality, we developed a LookML-native annotations toolkit at Davis Associates, which I’m happy to help anyone plug in. (The plug-in itself is trivial)

Shoot me an email if interested: