AngularJS and Looker 5

(Amna Hashmi) #1

What version of AngularJS does Looker 5 support?

(Russ) #2

Hi Amna, was this a question about integrating Looker with an Angular application?

(Amna Hashmi) #3

HI Russ, thanks for replying. The reason I’m asking is that the version of AngularJS used by Looker introduces vulnerabilities to our application (in which we embed Looker), and it has been recommended to us by an independent team for us to upgrade the AngularJS version. This independent team allows us to be certified for specific usage.

I believe the AngularJS version is 1.5.9 in our Looker version. I am asking whether Looker 5 supports latest vendor-recommended AngularJS version because if so, by upgrading to Looker 5, we could then go back to the independent team and be certified.

(david.moore) #4

Looker 5.x versions 5.22 and earlier use AngularJS 1.5.9. We will be upgrading to AngularJS 1.7 LTS in a shortly forthcoming release.