Aggregate levels

We have looker adhoc reporting based on a view which is at item-location-day level. So all the facts(sales, inventory) that could be at item-location-day level, the measures could be created.
Example: an item I was sold at location L on Day - 18th July, 2019. Thus the Sales fact could be $X for that ILD. We can have a table/view at warehouse with these columns.

Question: I have a fact whose lowest level day data is Month and let’s say that of Product is “category”. Please note that the facts like “Planning amount” could not be divided at item-location-day level but at category-month level only.

How am I able to see the reports separately, as mentioned -“problem” in the screenshot below?

That’s something I am interested in as well. Almost like SSIS cubes where you could create different aggregation levels from one view instead of creating a lot of pdts

I might be missing the complexity here— But wouldn’t returning the Month and a sum measure of Budget get exactly that report?

If there’s something I am missing with aggregations, the “Problem” report would also be fairly easy to create in a table calculation from an explore that looks like the “Database” example. Kind of like doing a subtotal: Subtotals with Table Calculations but hiding all of the unnecessary rows from the visualization.

As we have one explore based on “Database” which is at Day level. So all the measures that are at ITEM-LOC-DAY level is “Doable”.

“Problem” is with the data whose lowest level is at “Month” and “Category” level. “Category” can not be drilled down to “Item” and “Month” can be drilled down to “day”.

The view/table for one explore should be at ILD level, hence we’re unable to include the “month-category” level data to the single for one explore.

Any alternatives?

I think I get it, thanks for clarifying Ankit. If the fields from the category-month level cannot be divided into ILD, as you mentioned, it sounds like you’ll have to keep them in separate explores to avoid confusion.

With 2 separate explores, you could build a dashboard that includes a tile for Item-Sales-day from explore 1, at ILD level, and another tile for month-budget from explore2 at the category-month level.

That seems like the simplest solution to me, unless I’m missing another component.