Adjust max width of "Body" section of Text Tile

(Cameron) #1

Trying to use a text tile and markdown to create a chart title, but the body section seems to be limited to ~480px wide. Is there any way to change this?

(Ryan Dunlavy) #2

Hey @chobbs, the text tile maximum width is not adjustable currently, but I can definitely pass along that you would like to increase that width to the product team!


(Cameron) #3

@ryan.dunlavy that would be great, thank you!

(Jordan K) #4

+1 for this feature and even more customization of text tiles, integrating dimensions/measures into text tiles would be great to generate dynamic descriptive sentences “Person X performed Y in Z region”

(jonathan.reinhard) #5

Hi Jordan,

I forwarded your +1 to our product team.

Have a great weekend.

(Nolan) #6

Another +1 for the max width. Tried multiple tricks to expand the text width-wise. Sadly it ends up being a long column of text on an otherwise “landscape” dashboard, pushing more content below the fold. Would love more control here!


(Patrick Schappert) #7

+1 here as well. Would be super useful for adding notes (description/explanation, assumptions, etc.) to the bottom of visualizations.

(Hailey S) #8

@chobbs I worked around this by using html to format the text in the body section of the text tile, then copy+paste into the subtitle section of the tile when it was to my liking. It doesn’t automatically wrap text, but does get around the heavy padding the body section is subject to.

+1 for this feature though!

(Josh W.) #9

Just adding in another +1 - more flexibility to format text tiles would be very useful for me as well.

(Nick Petri) #10

+1 from me as well

(Danny) #11

+1 from me too. Our current work-around is to add multiple text boxes to fill the width of the dashboard.