Add fixed text annotation to Look (x-axis reference lines)

(Ned Fox) #1

I would like to add a fixed bit of text to a Look. For example: If I introduced a certain features on 9/1/2017, I would add an annotation to that date (keyed on x-axis date value, functioning similarly to the y-axis reference lines, but on the x-axis) to call that out in the visualization. Over time I can add more annotations as we introduce changes in the product to track how that metric evolves with releases. Is this possible currently? Or on the roadmap for some time in the future?

(jeffrey.martinez) #2

Ned, currently this is not possible but it is something our product team is looking to add in the future. Iā€™m happy to let them know your use case and why it is helpful to you.

(yongweigabriel) #3

Hi, just wanted to second this feature request. I would like to be able to add text annotations on the x-axis, similar to what Periscope Data allows: This helps business users understand why a metric might experience a jump or decline at a certain point in time.

(Ryan Dunlavy) #4

Thanks for the feedback @yongweigabriel, I will pass along that you would like to see this feature too.

(Mehmet Taner) #5

I would like to request this feature, too.
A feature, similar to Tableauā€™s ( would be very helpful.

(Brecht Vermeire) #6

One possible approach with table calculations could be by creating a table calculation like this:

  ${orders.created_date} = date(2017,12,05) OR
  ${orders.created_date} = date(2017,12,10) OR 
  ${orders.created_date} = date(2017,12,15),

Then enable value labels on the chart and make the main series value label transparent and give a color to the other. A simple example:

Linear Extrapolation in Table Calcs (Forecasting)
(Tony Wang) #7

Any update on this?

(diego.campos) #8

Hi @tony_wang,

This is still a feature request the product team is looking to implement in the future. I will pass along that you would like to see this feature too.

Iā€™d recommend to take a look on the table calculation workaround above, that might fit your use case in the meanwhile.


(Sean Lynch) #9

Any update on this?

(diego.campos) #10

Hi @seanlynch,
Thanks for the interest on this one.
We do not have an ETA for this to share yet, but I have to say that is a very popular request and chances are high to have it in the product.

(Ben) #11

+1 for this feature, would be really useful to annotate events on a time series.

(diego.campos) #12

Hi @Ben,
Thanks for letting us know, Iā€™ve passed your comment to Engineering.

(Ilen Zazueta Hall) #13

+1 for this feature; it would be incredibly useful for us.

(Pshurik) #14

+1 for the feature, would like to see this implemented in the near future.

(Alex R) #15

+1 for this feature please

(Erik) #16

+1 from us also!

(Megan Mullen) #17

+1 for this feature as well :grinning:

(Krishna Appadurai) #18

+1 for this feature

(Upasana Bansal) #19

+1 for this feature. Needed for any product KPI tracking. Please add