Accessibility (Blind/Low-Vision User Focus) Hurdles with Generated Reports

We are working towards generating a report that is accessible via screen-reader programs such as JAWS, NVDA, Windows Narrator, and Apple VoiceOver. By default, the visualizations and and notes we add to them are skipped by the majority of the narration tools. For example generated PDFs have very sporadic text generated. We’re looking at other approaches including some collection of html embedded looks but I wanted to know if anyone else has had any success with accessibility requirements. In the end, we want our reports to be compliant with the standards that uses.

Not to prevent any other users from sharing how they’ve made this work, but here’s the official Looker details.

There are some certifications for accessibility compliance out there— Right now, we do not support 508 or WGA 2.0 in our product, but I’ve actually recently seen a few questions about this internally and we’re documenting these use cases for use in 2020 roadmapping/planning.

Again, would love to see anyone share ways that they’ve managed to achieve accessible reports using Looker!