About the Who's Hiring category

(Dirty Looker) #1

Hey everyone!

After talking to a ton of customers and previous LookML developers/analysts, I figured this would be an awesome place to help connect folks looking for developers or looking to continue using Looker as their tool!

If you’re interested in posting information about a position please follow these guidelines:

  • Click on the “Who’s Hiring” category above to find the starting place to post your job
  • Make the title the place looking to hire, the location, and the job title
  • After the posting, please put something to allow readers to contact you back, such as an email or URL to a form to fill. These posts will not have comments and we would really like to have those happen outside of Discourse for now.
  • NO RECRUITERS, please only post if you’re seriously and actively involved in filling a position

(Brayden) #2

This is an awesome idea, thanks Mikhail! I’ve kicked off this category with the thread below.