Looker set-up and management

API, Embed, & Share

Discussion about using Looker's Powered by Looker embedding capabilities, APIs, and public sharing.

Dashboards & Charts

Visualizations how-to, dashboarding best practices, and all things viz

ETL & Loading Data

Tips, resources, and best practices in moving data and data warehousing


Discovering data in Looker


LookML design patterns, best practices, hacks, and knowledge sharing


Release notes and other official Looker community announcements!

SQL Dialects

SQL dialect-specific discussion, including syntax, tips, and helpful patterns

Fun with Data

Unboxing a data set can be really fun.

Events & Trainings

This category is to advertise all Looker events and trainings. More to come!

Best Practices

Getting the most out of Looker relies both on understanding how Looker works and how the data model is structured. Here we will explore how successful Looker customers are implementing Looker in their organizations.