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Look At Me Sideways (LAMS) LAMS is a linter and a style guide that picks up and flags anti-patterns or anything that deviates from recommended LookML constructs. It also explains exactly what’s wrong as well as provides common best-practice solutions and/or alternatives. Action Hub Integrate Looker into your favorite services and workflows with the Action Hub. Looker hosts and provides an action hub, and the service is open source so you can contribute additional actions or host an instance of the service within your own infrastructure. See https://github.com/looker/actions for more information. Gazer Gazer is a command line tool that provides an interface to a Looker instance for the purpose of managing content, users, schedules, etc. It can be used interactively, but also be included in scripts. Finally, it serves as a reference implementation for developers that want to build their own tools. Henry Henry is a command line tool that helps determine model bloat in your Looker instance and identify unused content in models and explores. It is meant to provide recommendations that developers can validate in order to cleanup models from unused explores and explores from unused joins and fields, as well as maintain a healthy and user-friendly instance.
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Build on top of the Looker platform At Looker, we want our product to feel like an extension of your own workflows. We encourage the creation and sharing of any tools you create on top of Looker, and also your contribut…

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