LookML   Analytical Patterns & Blocks

Capturing "top" entities/values, using a dimension (2)
Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value Model (RFM) (3)
Visualizing Incomplete Time Periods (1)
[Analytic Block] Redshift Admin (20)
[Data Tool] - Cohort Analysis (1)
[Data Tool] Web Analytics (1)
[Analytics Block] Customer Retention and Lifetime Value - Survival Style (4)
[Partner Block] - Google Analytics Premium (GA360) by Google (1)
Random Samples of Data in the Explore (3)
YTD, MTD, QTD in matches advanced patterns (4)
Standard Normal Distribution Estimates (P and Z values without lookup tables) (1)
[Analytic Block] Retail Inventory Coverage Ratios (1)
[Partner Block] Marketing Analytics by Tenjin (1)
[Partner Block] Web Analytics by Snowplow (1)
[Partner Block] Audience Analytics by Permutive (1)
Simplified A/B Test Analysis: Redshift Python UDF and P-value Measure (9)
[Partner Block] Advertising Analytics by Improvado (1)
[Analytic Block] Tags and Attributes (with and without Arrays) (1)
[Partner Block] YouTube Channel Analytics by Google (1)
[Partner Block] DoubleClick for Publishers by Google (1)
[Partner Block] Quality Analysis by MaestroQA (1)
[Source Block] Salesforce by Segment Sources (1)
[Analytic Block] Building a TopN measure in BigQuery (1)
[Analytic Block] Weighted Medians in BigQuery with UDFs (1)
[Analytic Block] Retention Analysis (12)
[Partner Block] Marketing Analytics by Adobe SiteCatalyst (3)
Access Filter Fields (10)
Create an "Other" bucket in a chart (5)
[Analytic Block] State or Status Data and Slowly Changing Dimensions (1)
[Analytic Block] Measuring Activity and Engagement (1)