Looker 6.6 Release Notes [Release Notes] (6)

Release Rollout Begins: February 9, 2019 Release Final & Download Available: February 21, 2019 All Release Notes Legacy Features End-of-life Schedule Release Highlights In addition to general tweaks and enhancements…

Total of two running total columns [Table Calculations] (3)
Possible to hide joins? [LookML] (16)
Run-Time Filters [Dashboards & Visualizations] (5)
More Powerful Data Drilling [Dashboards & Visualizations] (9)
Add filter to table view [LookML] (6)
New Startup options? LOOKERPORT not being honored anymore? [Administration] (6)
[Source Block] Zendesk by Stitch [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (8)
Using Liquids _filters Variable for Dashboard Linking [LookML] (2)
Deprecation Notice: Change in Rendering Requirements (6.4+) [Administration] (1)
Extending dashboards filters [LookML] (2)
Calculating distance from a dynamically selected location [Modeling] (3)
Markdown Document Navigation [LookML] (2)
Aggregate Totals Using a Calculation [Table Calculations] (3)
Need Support- how to link looker data to data studio [Dashboards & Visualizations] (2)
AXS is hiring a Sr Data Architect - Los Angeles, CA [Who's Hiring] (2)
Historical User Cohort Analysis [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (1)
Allow ability to add query hints and join hints, e.g. HASH join etc [SQL & Derived Tables] (11)
Tiles triggering same SQL several times [Dashboards & Visualizations] (8)
Looker over presto requires additional queries for totals [SQL] (8)
Why You Should Use Looker In Your Organization [Exploring] (2)
Reusing SQL results [Dashboards & Visualizations] (13)
Restricting date filter dropdown options (5.0+) [Modeling] (7)
Shapeways is hiring a Sr. Software Engineer - Business Intelligence - New York City [Who's Hiring] (2)
Can I reference an explore in another derived table? (for calculating standard deviation) [Modeling] (5)
MJR Analytics is hiring Associate and Senior Data Analysts (Brighton/London, UK/remote) [Who's Hiring] (2)
Henry - A Command Line Tool for Looker Instance Cleanup [Open Source Projects] (6)
Great Use Cases for Parameter Fields [Modeling] (13)
I__looker - monitoring Looker usage [Administration] (18)
Download PDF/Download CSV broken? [Powered By Looker/Embedding Looker] (2)