Looker 6.4 Release Notes [Release Notes] (11)

Release Rollout Begins: January 13, 2019 Release Final & Download Available: January 24, 2019 All Release Notes Legacy Features End-of-life Schedule Release Highlights In addition to general tweaks and enhancements,…

Dashboard filter not applying correctly on the scheduled PDF Export [Dashboards & Visualizations] (5)
On-prem Migration project dev to prod (views with derived tables) [Administration] (1)
Content Validator with breaking dimension type changes [Errors] (5)
Using the Looker API to generate PDFs [Looker API] (10)
Arbitrary Period Comparisons [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (10)
Dashboards with 'compare to' date filters [Dashboards & Visualizations] (3)
Table Calculations Error - Unknown Field [Table Calculations] (2)
Google+ API Shutdown and Looker Google Auth [Administration] (3)
SSL root certificate problem - can't load any looks in redshift [Errors] (9)
Dashboard after explore file moved [Exploring] (10)
Week over Week vs the prior week in Country [Table Calculations] (3)
Turner Broadcasting is hiring a Principle Looker Architect - Atlanta, GA [Who's Hiring] (2)
Custom Visualization to backend REST API [Dashboards & Visualizations] (7)
Custom Looker Home Page - Labs Feature [Administration] (13)
ETL Capabilities and Create Missing Data [Modeling] (2)
Secondary axis creation? [Dashboards & Visualizations] (4)
Connection with Custom API [Administration] (2)
Quote identifiers (table and column names) by default? [SQL] (2)
[Analytic Block] - Cohorts as Filters using Templated Filters [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (6)
Liquid variable in_query using fields from within logic and thus eliminating use case [LookML] (3)
Seasonal Sales Forecasting [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (1)
Teamleader is Hiring a BI Analyst - Ghent, Belgium [Who's Hiring] (2)
How to use regex filter on string fields? [Exploring] (3)
Collapsible folders for LookML files [LookML] (9)
Candid is Hiring a Business Insights Analyst - New York, NY [Who's Hiring] (2)
Extracting Month and year based on current selection [Exploring] (10)
Quarter-To-Date Trending by Week Index Chart [Dashboards & Visualizations] (7)
Month to Date and Year to Date Analysis [Analytical Patterns & Blocks] (16)
Looker 6.2 Release Notes [Release Notes] (16)